Neofect recently unveiled Neofect Smart Balance, a new lower-body rehabilitation device that uses augmented reality to help patients recovering from stroke, ambulatory injuries, and other lower body disabilities regain function in their legs.

Recognized as a 2020 CES Innovation Award honoree, Neofect Smart Balance draws on nearly a decade of expertise and innovation to turn what is often a monotonous process into a fun and engaging exercise for the nearly 500,000 people each year rehabilitating from a stroke.

Neofect Smart Balance features 16 rehabilitation games that emphasize core strength, restabilization, and balance, all with the goal of helping patients walk unassisted. The 2.5ft by 2.5ft “Dance Dance Revolution”-esque board evaluates a patient’s posture and gait, then tracks and analyzes motions, providing feedback when it senses an imbalance. Optional handlebars provide additional stability as needed. As patients advance, Neofect Smart Balance games increase speed of movement and coordination as patients step on and off the pad.

Neofect Smart Balance is designed for use in healthcare clinics and at home, increasing accessibility of treatment to patients with limited mobility. It securely and remotely shares progress reports with therapists, so they can monitor and adjust patients’ recovery regimen as needed. This newest device joins a long list of award-winning Neofect solutions, including the Neofect Smart Glove, the Neofect NeoMano, and the Neofect Smart Board.

The app, which will be available for any stroke survivor regardless if they use Neofect’s solutions, will include a digital telehealth program where skilled physical and occupational therapists will connect with users remotely to guide their rehabilitation.

Neofect Connect is available on the Apple App Store for Neofect users and will be open to any stroke survivor to utilize in spring 2020.

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