Qblox Cluster control stack is the go-to choice for the new 20-qubit quantum computer to put Sweden at the forefront of quantum technology. The Qblox fully-integrated control stack comprises dedicated and modular electronics developed in Delft, The Netherlands. 

In the Quantum Technology Lab (QTL) of Chalmers University, the mission to create their first 20-qubit processor began in 2018, spearheaded by Dr Giovanna Tancredi with Prof Jonas Bylander and Prof Per Delsing. This processors’ purpose is to solve problems far beyond the capabilities of any available supercomputer. The QTL quantum processor will be based on superconducting circuits, a widely-used technology for quantum computing.

In order to effectively exploit a 20-qubit quantum computer, the QTL decided to procure robust and scalable control and readout electronics. Following a thorough tendering process between various well-known competitors from around the world, the procurement contract has been awarded to Qblox because of its ability to surpass the requested technical requirements and its ability in scaling up in the future.

The Qblox control stack comprises a fully-integrated system providing all software and hardware components to control and readout their quantum device. The new Cluster RF modules were launched at the APS March meeting 2021: 

  • Qubit control is managed by the QCM-RF module, which directly outputs RF signals in the range of 2-18.5 GHz. It integrates 6 AWG’s capable of generating complex baseband signals, two LO’s, and two IQ mixers. The module can self-calibrate its IQ mixer skewness, amplitude imbalance and LO leakage. 
  • Qubit readout is performed by the QRM-RF module which includes LO’s, mixers, 6 AWGs pulse generators and digitizers for multiplexed readout in the range of 2 – 18.5 GHz. The QRM has advanced binning and averaging capabilities and can store up to 131072 IQ measurement results in a single experimental run.
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