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Reimagine the way you shower with the Mission8 5-in-1 Filtering Shower Head. This incredible shower solution will revolutionize your shower experience. Mission8 offers three times stronger shower pressure than your current showerhead. With 250 pores, it evenly distributes the water for 1.5 times better coverage. Plus, it features a 99% purity NSF filter which catches contaminants before the water comes out, meaning they won’t come in contact with your body. In addition, you can also use different boosters to help you unwind after a long day or revitalize you before a big day. Saving 17% more water than your current showerhead, Mission8 has two modes. In addition to a traditional overhead flow, you can also use Mission8 in handheld mode for total versatility. All of this incredible technology comes in a beautifully modern aesthetic that is sure to elevate any bathroom.

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