The specialist in collaborative solutions for efficient, creative and inclusive teamwork, Klaxoon, will unveil its new generation of products designed for hybrid work at Vivatech 2021. These products include Board Hybrid™️, a major evolution in its flagship software application, and Hybridity™️, a “whiteboard room” – a revolutionary workspace that is specifically designed to meet the new challenges of hybrid work by exploiting all the potential of Klaxoon’s interactive whiteboards.

Rethinking the workspace to facilitate hybrid collaboration

After just over a year of remote work, which has not always been by choice for everyone, and at a time when restrictions are being lifted all over the world, 8 out of 10 workers (Opinion Way survey – May 2021) would like to continue to work remotely some of the time.

A new era of hybrid work is beginning for teams, and this new reality is shaking up our tools, methods, and organizations. Companies are adopting new management methods that open the door to greater independence and autonomy for teams. 

In this context, and with the new challenges this poses for organizations, Klaxoon’s latest tools are the answer to a real need: that of finding balance in communication between team members, whether they be in the office or working remotely, in order to make discussion as efficient and fluid as possible and thereby fully seize the opportunities that hybrid work offers everyone. Indeed, by rethinking online and offline workspaces, there are opportunities for greater freedom (in terms of rhythm and location) in our work and more socially and environmentally responsible methods. 

Board Hybrid™️, the all-in-one, visual, collaborative tool designed for hybrid work

Une image contenant texte, personne, très coloré

Description générée automatiquementLaunched less than a year ago, Board has already been adopted by millions of users, and now it is taking the next step in its evolution: adapting to hybrid work with Board Hybrid™️, the world’s most advanced visual workspace, which once again pushes back the boundaries of how we can think and work as a team. 

More powerful, user-friendly and even more fluid thanks to its new design and functions, Board Hybrid™️ facilitates and boosts teams’ ability to think through problems together, enabling unlimited creativity.

Major developments:

  • Mindmaps, flowcharts, creative tools, and augmented visual collaboration:

Board Hybrid™️ enables users to express and model their ideas even more accurately as discussions progress. Original functions have been added to the palette of graphics tools (intelligent connectors, the Plume tool, Questions, etc.) in order to model complex processes and express ideas more clearly in real time from any device.

  • A document management system that revolutionizes file management:

Thanks to its file management system’s unique display, Board Hybrid™️ unleashes teams’ resource management capabilities. No more email storms or multiple document downloads; say goodbye to tedious directory structures, with Board Hybrid™️, resources are centralized and accessible from any device, giving them a whole new dimension.

Being able to import and visualize any type of content or file (word processing files, images, presentation boards, PPT, graphics files, spreadsheets, etc.) means that teams avoid the proliferation of emails and attachment downloads that complexify teamwork. It’s easy to explore or share files, or to present them to the group in real time, page by page, using Board Hybrid™️’s synchronization functions.

  • Board Hybrid™️’s built-in videoconferencing function, Live, was specially designed to facilitate communication on projects in hybrid work mode:

Users can now use Live at the click of a mouse to organize short, improvised discussions on content with up to 50 participants, with the option of an audience of up to 250 people, requiring very little bandwidth[1] Live now also has a screensharing function with an adjustable thumbnail window for greater convenience and ease of use. Live is now also accessible on MeetingBoards and in Hybridity.

  • Board Hybrid™️ also has a template library (ready-to-use meeting models) which boasts hundreds of ready-to-use methods.
  • New interoperability with Jira[2] and optimization with Teams: Klaxoon is reinforcing its technological partnerships to further facilitate and improve the user experience and meet the needs of all businesses.
  • Security, which has always been a design priority for Klaxoon, has been strengthened thanks to new protocols [3] .

Board Hybrid™️ provides an augmented work experience that liberates users from the constraints of time and space, allowing them to work how, whenwhere and with whom they like, within a single collaborative workspace.

Hybridity™️, “the hybrid whiteboard room”

Klaxoon is also presenting Hybridity™️: a unique, revolutionary new product that is packed with all the functions the company has developed. An unprecedented user experience designed for the era of hybrid work.

In less than a year, Klaxoon’s Board has established itself as a leading solution for organizations. Its simple ergonomics, which enables users to make information freely available on an infinite whiteboard, has imposed itself as the gold standard for efficient communication within teams. More inclusive, more creative, and more interactive, Board is already used in every industry, by all types of organizations, all over the world.

Once you have tried it, there is no going back. The fluid layout expands users’ ability to explore ideas.  Dialogue within teams becomes easier, and creativity – previously bridled by a restrictive approach to interfaces from another era – is increased exponentially.

Board Hybrid™️ is the product of all our R&D efforts since 2015 to extend this change within our workspaces to all our devices. No longer limited to computer screens, users can widen the discussion to bigger screens to improvise a synchronization meeting with colleagues at the click of a mouse.

With the launch of MeetingBoard™️ in 2017, Klaxoon knocked down meeting room walls to marshal visual management everywhere in the workplace.

In 2021, the dawn of the hybrid era meant we had to go further, to think outside the box and imagine a space that really unleashed Board Hybrid™️’s potential:

  • a space that would immerse us in this infinite whiteboard;
  • to think through problems on your own or with colleagues;
  • whether you are in the same place or working remotely.

When traditional meeting rooms do not allow you to make the most of these new modes of communication, it becomes necessary to develop complementary new workspaces that multiply your ability to think and act remotely – to make another step towards hybrid organizations that enable teams to go beyond geographical constraints and to be efficient, wherever they are.

First unveiled at Vivatech, HybridityTM is a revolutionary workspace that enables you to exploit all the potential of Klaxoon’s interactive whiteboards. A “whiteboard room” that was specially designed with the new challenges of hybrid work in mind.

Unleash your creativity

With three giant, ultra-high-resolution 360° touchscreens, HybridityTM’s technology allows you to fully exploit Board HybridTM’s features for an unprecedented user experience.

The screens can be coordinated or used independently from each other using Board HybridTM’s synchronization functions. Three built-in cameras and the videoconferencing function enable you to effectively communicate with colleagues working remotely.

Hybridity™️ was built on the last generation of the KlaxoonBox to provide an ultra-fluid, very high-resolution content-browsing experience. Hybridity™️ can also be used offline, with no Internet connection, for workshops that require a high level of confidentiality.

Unique technology

HybridityTM also has boards and touchscreens on the outside, for new ways to express yourself and explore ideas from 360°.

More balanced discussion

On the inside, the space is designed for up to 3 people in a layout that ensures more balanced discussion and high level of comfort for everyone.

Each participant is seated at the same distance from each other, with their own screen and camera, and they can explore the content independently from one another. This configuration also enables those taking part remotely to easily hear and see what everyone is doing.

Thanks to Board Hybrid™️’s built-in videoconferencing functions, up to 250 participants can connect to Hybridity™️ remotely. 

Intelligently designed for all workspaces

Hybridity™️ is designed to be uniquely modular, and with a footprint of under 5 Sqm it can be installed in all workspaces: in an open space office, next to a factory production line, or in a co-working space.

Hybridity offers more than 10m2 of screens for participants to express themselves with a footprint of under 5 m². Hybridity™️ was designed so that it could be made locally anywhere in the world and so that it could be moved easily, without being dismantled, using just a pallet truck.

Accessible for all organizations

Hybridity™️ will be available to rent from €1,990 per month.

Available for pre-order at Vivatech. Launch in September.

Board Hybrid and Hybridity premiering at Vivatech

Workshops using HybridityTM are being organized at Vivatech on two of the biggest challenges of this new era that lies ahead:

  • talent recruitment and change management for hybrid organizations;
  • new rhythms and rituals for teamwork in hybrid mode.

“Board Hybrid and Hybridity are consistent with the idea that has driven us since the launch of Klaxoon; how to help teams develop ideas together more efficiently and shake off the shackles of time and space while creating a more comfortable workspace for everyone. These challenges are central to the hybrid revolution.

Board Hybrid is establishing a new standard, combining a professional, powerful architecture that can fluidly display thousands of elements of content in real time, with a brand-new revolutionary data engine that is compatible with all types of files and can be used on any device.

These new tools will enable teams all around the world to prepare for their hybrid future.” Matthieu BEUCHER, CEO and founder of Klaxoon.

Board Hybrid: from €9.90 per month

To access visuals, please click here

About Klaxoon

Founded in 2015, Klaxoon is a French company, a member of the Next 40, and a key player in collaborative work that has developed a complete work environment combining hardware (MeetingBoard, Klaxoon Box, Hybridity) and software (Board and a suite of collaborative applications to revolutionize meetings).

Allowing people to collaborate more efficiently with others, wherever they are, makes work more human-centric and socially responsible. With its 360° suite of physical and digital tools, Klaxoon has developed a unique environment that makes it a pioneer in hybrid work methods.

Klaxoon’s solutions are currently used by millions of teams in more than 120 countries and more than 5,000 organizations, from SMEs and mid-size companies, to universities, NGOs and public authorities as well as 100% of CAC 40 companies and 15% of the Fortune 500.

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