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3Dtracking, a leading global provider of white labeled telematics platforms, today announced that the company has launched 3Dtrack, a new mobile app that turns any smart mobile device into a GPS tracker.3Dtrack allows 3Dtracking’s telematics service provider partners to easily demonstrate their vehicle tracking services and quickly run trials with potential customers without installing hardware.3Dtrack can be installed on any mobile device, including smartphones and tablets, running either the Android or IOS operating systems. Once the 3Dtrack app is installed on a mobile device and after initial registration, the exact location of the mobile device is transmitted over a data connection to the 3Dtracking platform and displayed in real-time on the live tracking page. The 3Dtrack app also transfers speed and directional information and can track the distances of individual trips.

The mobile devices running the 3Dtrack app are fully integrated with a customer’s account on the 3Dtracking platform and are included in all the relevant reports. In the same view in the 3Dtracking platform, a fleet manager can see all of the vehicles, assets and IoT devices being tracked, including the new ones running the 3Dtrack app on a mobile device.3Dtracking reports that its 3Dtrack mobile app gives the company’s telematics service provider partners the option to offer entry-level vehicle tracking services for price-sensitive customers and projects by eliminating the need for acquiring and installing hardware.“We are pleased to offer our telematics service provider partners an additional tool to better manage and improve their service operations,” said Noam Cimand, General Manager of 3Dtracking. “Our new 3Dtrack mobile app simplifies the new customer on-boarding processes for our partners and allows them to quickly demonstrate the value of their services to new customers.”

3Dtrack also includes four customizable, multipurpose inputs for configuring workflow processes for workforce management and operational compliance purposes. For example, 3Dtrack can be used by a fleet manager to allow its individual drivers to designate specific trips as for either business or private purposes. 3Dtrack can also be used, for instance, to monitor the movements of a construction worker and track the time spent at designated sites. The 3Dtrack app also includes a panic button that is directly integrated with the 3Dtracking platform and can send an alert to the fleet manager for immediate action.

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