Easily grow your own fresh, delicious, and nutritious produce at home with the Herbitat Smart Hydroponic Indoor Garden. Featuring a soilless NFT grow system, this smart home garden maximizes plant growth while creating zero mess. As a result, it’s exceptionally easy to plant, grow, and also harvest your plants. With an intelligent system in place, Herbitat features Wi-Fi connectivity as well as integrated nutrient, water, and temperature sensors to know just what your plants need in order to grow. When human intervention is required, you get instantly notified in the app on your smartphone. Because you can control light schedules and access to these smart features, you can grow a variety of plants all in one place. The grow pods are also detachable so you can pull them out for maintenance as needed. In addition to being incredibly easy, Herbitat is also easy on the eyes. The modern and minimalist structure fits in with any interior space while the falling water creates a zen-like growing environment.

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