If you’re looking to create an intelligent home, look no further than the Aria Modern Home Affordable Smart Home Gadgets. Using Wi-Fi, this range of devices connects seamlessly to give you unprecedented control in your home. The beautiful all-white Aria range includes an ambient sensor, smart plug, multi-color light bulb, daylight light bulb, and LED strip controller. Best of all, no hub is required. Even so, Aria Smart Home Gadgets integrate with Alexa and Google Assistant so you can manage them all with just your voice. Use Ember, the ambient sensor, to keep track of humidity and temperature. You can even trigger other smart devices based on results. The multi-color bulb, which has 16 million color options plus white shades, and the daylight light bulb, which offers color temperature control, are the perfect brightness at 800 lumens. If you have an LED strip already, the Hue Dial will let you manage it to display the perfect color. Or, if you have a device that isn’t smart, use the Binary smart plug to take it to the next level. Offering incredible functionality, the entire range comes at an impressively affordable price so you can fill your home.

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