ActiveLook® is reinventing sports eyewear by using its miniaturized and invisible augmented reality technology to display essential sports performance data with zero obstruction to the wearer’s field of vision. ActiveLook® now has its sights set on going further still and taking the brand further upmarket with its new NexT technology platform.

Designed to improve the practice and performance of sports competitors, ActiveLook® technology enables real-time display of useful and essential data, such as speed, heart rate, direction, etc. In combination with expert software, this unique miniaturized technology can be elegantly integrated into eyewear without affecting its design or ergonomics. Its low power consumption means record battery life for longer athlete support.

ActiveLook® Founder Eric Marcellin-Dibon says: “Mass adoption of AR relies on discrete integration. Consumers aren’t prepared to put on superhero helmets, but they definitely do want eyewear that helps them to see and do their activity better. We believe that ActiveLook® is the inevitable technological evolution of the eyewear that has been making our lives easier for centuries”.

Marc Vernet, ActiveLook OEM Business Line Manager, adds, “NexT” is the new generation of eyewear platform, it fully embodies the vison we have with ActiveLook: a solution to deliver information in action through extra light and stylish eyewear. Our highly customizable platform, combined with a rich and growing ecosystem of ActiveLook compatible applications offers our partners a unprecedent short-curt to creating cutting edge experiences, on the move!”

Augmented reality: encouraging active involvement in sport

Already used in more than 1 million devices worldwide for high-precision applications, the MicroOLED microdisplays have already been integrated into premium camera systems, precision binoculars and other optical devices.

Since 2000, screens have become part of our daily lives and our lives increasingly depend on them. In developing a new product category of smartphone-connected eyewear, ActiveLook® now brings its users the opportunity to ‘seize the moment’. ActiveLook® is now targeting the world of sport, where mixed reality delivers significant benefits as a navigational aid and physical performance reporting technology that is particularly powerful for cyclists, runners, skiers and triathletes.

A new NexT platform to create the world’s lightest connected eyewear

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