Ausounds just launched the next two products from its AU-collection, the AU-X ANC Soundproof Noise Cancelling Planar Over-Ear Headphones and the AU- Stream Hybrid True Wireless Soundproof Noise Cancelling Earbuds.

The AU-X ANC features a 54mm AU-Planar Driver that provides a wide and accurate soundstage, only found in planar technology. The headphones offer a frequency range of 20Hz – 40KHz, creating an extremely transparent and dynamic sound. The headphones also include 28db of noise reduction, dual microphones for clear calls, a battery capacity of 800mAh, 25 hours of playback time, and touch control technology. With Bluetooth 5.0 and an auxiliary output, the AU-X ANC features an audio signature designed for music enthusiasts to use in any environment. From the office to traveling, the AU-X ANC moves with you.

The AU-Stream Hybrid is a premium headphone engineered with titanium speaker drivers to create a powerful sound that exceeds expectations in a true wireless earbud. The AU-Stream Hybrid reduces the ambient noise in your surroundings and, like all of Ausounds’ soundproof noise-cancelling earphones, this earbud still provides detailed and accurate sound, even when ANC is employed.

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