Zigma’s Smart Aerio 300 Wi-Fi Air Purifier with true HEPA 5-in-1 filters and Voice Control analyses air in just three minutes and cleans up to 840ft in just thirty minutes

With AI Algorithm Sensors and CADR up to 330m3/h, the Aerio cleans up to 1580 sq ft within 1 hour and 840 sq ft within 30 mins

With air quality a massive concern in the home in many places globally currently, the Aerio 300 is able to analyse it within just three minutes and clean areas up to 1580 square feet, making it ideal for offices or at home. The Zigma Aerio 300 is available from for $197.99, Walmart for $229.99 and Frugo in the UK for £289. It can also be purchased on the Zigma website on offer currently at just £135.76/$185.40.

The Smart Aerio 300 Air Purifier has a 5-in-1 filter system with a highly efficient H14 True HEPA medical-grade element to filter 99.97% of fine dust, animal hair, pollen, mites, air pollution, PM2.5 and ultrafine particles under 0.3 micrometers. The UVC LED helps to kill harmful viruses and bacteria in the air and in addition, the Smart Aerio 300 creates negative ions to keep the air clean. The activated carbon filter can also remove the smell of pets, kitchen smoke, cat litter smell, smoke smell and neutralize formaldehyde and other harmful substances

With a CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) up to 330m3 an hour, the Smart Aerio 300 can clean up to 1580 sq ft within 1 hour and 840 sq ft within 30 mins, producing fresh indoor air four times every hour, making it perfect for the living room, bedroom, and office. The purifier provides three purification modes including a sleep mode where the noise produced is less than 25 dB, so as not to disturb at night. The AUTOMATIC MODE on the device will accurately analyse the air quality and adjust the purifier to the appropriate power, implemented with high efficiency and energy-saving 40% for effortless clean, breathable air. It also includes a built-in negative ion generator.

With an AI Algorithm and sensors, the Smart Aerio 300 analyses the air quality of the environment in 3 minutes, and illustrates the results on its air quality ring light with blue symbolising excellent quality, green for good, orange for moderate and red indicating bad air quality. Using the free accompanying APP, more specifics can be viewed in detailed reports such as the particulate level.

The Smart Aerio 300 can be Voice Controlled via Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant and the APP allows for more than ten advanced features including remote direct control, scheduling purification sessions, replace filter reminds, scene-setting and the ability to share devices with the family or co-workers. The Purifier also has a CHILD LOCK function where its back shell design magnetic structure includes safety sensors so that the power supply is instantly cut off if it is opened.  

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