Even after Wordle came out of the oven hot in 2022, you still can’t escape Wordle posts going into 2023; sharing and discussing daily puzzle results online has become part of millions of players’ everyday routines. Once you’ve got a hot streak going, it is tough to stop. But given the widespread nature of Wordle, you’d think it would have had a standalone Android app by now, but it doesn’t. In fact, to play Wordle, you either install a progressive web app obtained directly from The New York Times website or throttle your way through the slightly intrusive New York Times Crossword app. Fortunately, if you choose the progressive web app route, it’ll still offer a seamless app-like experience on your Android device, and it doesn’t even need the best Android phone to operate. But to make the experience a breeze for everyone, we’ll walk you through how to set up and install the Wordle app, highlight customization options to enhance your app experience, and introduce how to play and maneuver through everyone’s favorite word game, Wordle.

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