iMediSync successfully debuted AI mental care platform at CES 2021

AI Brain Mapping and LED Therapy for optimal brain health

iMediSync successfully debuted its novel headset for mental healthcare, iSyncWave at CES 2021.

iSyncWave™ and its AI brain mapping attracted global pharmaceuticals for their trials and global media looking for a solution to cope with the “corona blues”.

The keywords of CES 2021 All-Digital, announced by CTA(Consumer Technology Association) was AI, 5G, Digital Health, and Smart City. Especially in health and wellness fields, more attention is paid to cloud platform to store personal health data for virtual and home care.

iMediSync perfectly targeted this new trend and has received global recognition. The company provides cloud-based AI brain mapping solutions with EEG data for early detection of neurological disorders. iSyncWave™ and iSyncMe® showcased in CES 2021 completes a virtual care platform of iMediSync. An easy and time-saving EEG brain mapping and personalized LED therapy device can be used not only in clinics but also at homes by individuals.

image2. iSyncWave, iSyncMe.png

<image 2. iSyncWave and iSyncMe for AI Brain Mapping and personalized NIR-LED photobiomodulation Therapy>

iMediSync claims they will tack the current mental pandemic and Corona Blue with its novel approach to biomarker development and personalized photobiomodulation therapy. iSyncWave™ is AI brain Mapping and personalized NIR-LED photobiomodulation therapy that will enhance neural activity; optimizing a person’s brain. This will accessible not only at your doctor’s clinic, but at the comfort of your own home. The healthcare professionals can provide their patients with a constant care when they are even at home.

iMediSync is a leading company in an EEG brain mapping market that has currently tackled Alzheimer’s. The company’s core product is iSyncBrain® MCI classifier. It provides QEEG-AI algorithm for early detection of mild cognitive impariement or preclinical Alzheimer’s dementia.

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