iMediSync, a biotech startup developing an AI-driven early detection and therapeutic platform for optimal brain health. iMediSync will showcase a series of EEG analysis solution for brain mapping, launching its first brain mapping and therapeutic device: combining both EEG brain mapping and LED therapy.

iMediSync has developed a dry sensing EEG brain mapping device with LED photo-biomodulators, iSyncWave. It will work together with iSyncMe – mobile application. Through the app, users will be able to access its cloud-based EEG analysis platform (iSyncBrain®), where the AI analyzes for any abnormalities in the brain function. The 19-channels of LED built-in iSyncWave provides photobiomodulation(PBM) as a non-pharmacological option. The dry sensors make the EEG brain mapping easier and PBM enables a comprehensive therapy at the time of measuring.

Last year at CES 2020, iMediSync drew great attention with their aMCI-amnestic mild cognitive impairment-screening solution, iSyncBrain MCI Classifier for early detection of dementia. At coming CES 2021, iMedisync will build global partnerships with medical device distribution companies, and pharmaceutical or digital therapeutics companies for verification of treatment effect.

During CES 2021, iMediSync will unveil their first EEG brain mapping and therapeutic device, iSyncWave along with iSyncMe. The two will work together not only in hospitals and clinics, but also in the public sector. They will allow for virtual quality care for those suffering from dementia and other neurological diseases. Visit for more information.

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