You might’ve built up a library using Google’s Stadia platform on your favorite Android gaming phone but learning that Google is killing Stadia for good really puts a damper on gaming plans for 2023. But thankfully, you won’t go empty-handed leading up to the door’s closing; as of November 9th, 2022, Google has begun processing refunds on all its eligible Google Stadia products. Still, you don’t have much time left before the doors shutter for good on January 18th, and if Stadia library consists of games by Ubisoft, IO Interactive, Bungie, Rockstar Games, Bethesda, or CD Projekt Red, there’s a shot at salvaging your save files and getting free copies of these games for other platforms. So with all this info revealed in the wake of Google’s closure, we’ve outlined how you take part in the return process before the doors shut for good — don’t let the latest addition to the Google Graveyard sour your start for 2023.

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