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The latest smartphones, watches, earbuds and other hot tech products are now water-resistant and can survive short submersions. Which means the devices that power them need to be equally resilient and adventure-ready. The myCharge AdventureH20 series is ready to hit the road and the water.

Rated IP 67, the AdventureH20 series of chargers can sustain submersion in water, splashes, and spills when the ports are sealed. These chargers are the perfect companion for a rowdy brunch, sporting event, day at the pool or beach, boating and other wet outdoor activities.

AdventureH20 chargers are available in 3,350, 6,700 and 10,050 mAh. The AdventureH20 Turbo 20,100 mAh charger is all about speed, with Power Delivery and Qualcomm® Quick Charge™, delivering 18W for the fastest charge possible.

myCharge, innovators in portable power create the ultimate portable power solutions for anyone, anywhere who needs to stay charged. Incorporating the highest quality components, cutting-edge design, and smart technologies, myCharge responds to the latest technological advances by providing products dedicated to restoring everyday balance and fulfilling consumer needs in today’s on-the-go, always connected, digital society. Learn more at

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