Experience your very own augmented reality with the DreamGlass Air Private AR Screen. Totally portable and practical, this incredible system provides you with a stunning 100-inch 2.5K screen to dive into your content. Lasting five hours on a full charge, DreamGlass Air is like having your own private movie theater that you can watch at any angle. It’s also compatible with all the most popular devices including PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, iPhone, Android smartphones, PC, Mac, and so much more. Plus, it delivers high-definition, immersive content complete with vivid colors and exceptional detail. Compact and comfortable, DreamGlass Air keeps your hands totally free. Never again will you have to crane your neck or lose feeling in your arms while you prop up your smartphone. This all comes with zero latency for high-quality content. In addition to the wireless design, you can also plug and play via HDMI or USB-C. From using at home to while you’re traveling, DreamGlass Air provides an impressive 90° field of view.

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