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CES 2022 will be the biggest and most popular tech event in the world, which will feature 11 official venues. This event occupies a total show area covering over 2.9 million total square feet with 36 product groups and 22 countries.

With more than 180,000 anticipated visitors, the scale of CES 2022 will make navigating challenging if you don’t do your homework until you arrive at the event.

It is important to understand how to work the show floor and how to quickly get from point A to point B. For some time-saving and money-saving tips and tricks to make your CES 2022 enjoyable follow the steps below.

Top Tips to make the most of your experience in CES 2022

  1. Register Early for CES – You’ll save some time by registering early. Early bird registration CES is $100, but if you wait until December, the registration fee will rise to $300
  2. Please Ensure You Have a Valid ID card and Vaccination Card – Check to make sure that you comply with the new REAL ID requirements which came into effect from Oct. 1, 2020 for US travelers. If you do not have a Valid ID-compliant ID card you will be prohibited from flying on any commercial local aircraft. Don’t wait till the last minute. See the guidelines.
  3. Before Coming to CES Have a Plan – Identify the goals for the series before arriving in Las Vegas. Build a schedule with a list of exhibitors and items you are interested in, and all the booths you want to visit, for each day. Put them into priority order: Will Stop, Will Stop, Want To Stop. Face-to-face time can be minimal for most exhibitors so prepare ahead and have a list of questions ready before you reach their booth.
  4. Get Rest Before You Arrive – CES is four exhausting but enjoyable days of presenting the latest technologies, life-changing technology and releases of products. This case is the largest and most important technological phenomenon in the world and a good deal to see and do. The days will be long, with plenty of opportunities to network. Make plenty of rest until you arrive in Las Vegas. Arrive not worn down.
  5. Wear the right vestments and comfortable shoes – Company or business casual wear is the preferred dress for CES 2022. The key to an enjoyable CES is to put on comfortable shoes. There is no need for a business suit but for a professional setting to dress in clothing that is considered suitable and respectful. Recall grabbing a light jacket or jumper as you head up to the show. In addition to getting a bit cold on the show floor, January is getting nippy in Las Vegas, particularly in the evenings. Need to hydrate, hydrate and hydrate too! Wear your most comfortable shoes- CES 2022, you will be one of the 180,000 attendees at the Las Vegas Convention Center expanding over 2.9 million net square feet of display space. You’ll find yourself visiting booths quickly doing at least 25,000 measures a day. It’s important that you wear comfortable shoes, not new ones or heels. Comfortable shoes will give you an opportunity to see the majority of what the show has to offer.
  6. Don’t Miss the Opportunity to Network – CES has something for everyone. Being a meeting point for all those who focus on consumer technology business, CES is a great place to network with others. Many companies host social hours, after-parties or other events that give you face-to-face time with prospective customers. When you network, attend conferences, meetings, after parties and exchange business cards, so you can stay in touch after the show.
  7. Restrictions on Bags and Entry Searches – All bags at the entrance to all CES show sites are subject to scan. Just two small bags, each smaller than 12″ x 17″ x 6″, are permitted to be transported to the show venues. Clear bags (mesh, plastic, vinyl, etc.) are recommended to facilitate entry. Rolling bags of any type are forbidden.
  8. Pickup Your Badge at Las Vegas Airport or Your Hotel – Grab your badge at the airport when you arrive in or at selected hotels before the show, and save yourself plenty of temps and speed up access to show venues.

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