Why bother putting together a nice, clean-cut outfit when the end of your belt is just going to flop out unattractively? With the Beltpin Detachable Belt Loop, the problem is solved. There is a removable extra belt loop that keeps the end tied down. It comes in two sizes and multiple leather color options, it’ll always match what you’re wearing. In fact, you can choose between the Beltpin Mini, which is great for belts 19–25 mm thick, or the Beltpin Standard for 30–38 mm belts. Additionally, the leather options include cognac, chestnut, brown, and black. Whether you’re at work or enjoying leisure time, you don’t want your loose belt end bothering you or be unsightly. Beltpin Detachable Belt Loop will ensure that you never think about an unattractive or bothersome belt again.

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