LoomieAssist by is an innovative technology that brings audio to life with 3D avatars as virtual anchors for voice-based applications and AI assistants. Whether live conversation, text to speech (TTS), or conversational AI, LoomieAssist puts a face that lip-syncs in real-time to voice, delivering more personality and an emotional connection to assistive technologies such as Siri and Alexa.

The technology is compatible with any language and allows for localization of face for different cultures and people types.
Powered by deep learning engine, LoomieAssist’s 3D avatars called Loomies™ are hardware ubiquitous and executes with very low latency, making them ideal for real-time voice applications. Consumers will be able to create and customize their own loomie avatar from photographs or choose from already existing avatars, including special guest celebrity versions.

LoomieAssist can be used for customer service/chatbots, video conferencing with audio, in VR where characters and avatars are driven by voice, and with any other content that can take advantage of lip-sync animation. LoomieAssist is one of a number of’s 3D avatar products and solutions for enterprise, developers and consumers. powers expressive digital communication through its end-to-end 3D avatar platform. From a single image, its technology can create, personalize, and manage high-quality 3D loomie avatars in a matter of seconds and deploy them into applications.’s real-time SDK’s for voice and video run natively on mobile and desktop hardware, making it ideal for deployment for enterprise voice-driven applications.

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